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By Nomx
On May 26, 2015
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Earthquake Alert!

A high-intensity earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale rocked Nepal along with many parts of east and north India, including Delhi on Saturday. The tremors, which were felt in Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab, lasted for about a minute and have taken away over 3000 lives.

The the past few years have seen many natural disasters striking highly populated regions around the world. Social media played a major role as well, as news spread over Twitter and Facebook. Technology over the years has improved and there’s particularly high level of interest when it comes to earthquakes and tsunami warning systems.

Sensors and control centres have been setup all around the world that monitor seismic activity around the world. They communicate each other and fortunately, all this information is made public.
A whole bunch of developers have designed apps that read information from these centres and let you get alerts of earthquakes and tsunamis as they happen.

We’ve compiled best free apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry. They can be handy to inform your dear ones or possibly even predict an upcoming earthquake or tsunami.
See Magnitude 1.0+ from the U.S. and Magnitude 4.5+ earthquakes from all over the World.
**USGS changed their data source breaking the list! Please upgrade to latest version!**

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  • Tab between map and list
  • Latest quakes in the World.
  • Filter what you see
  • Click quake to view on map
  • Map shows magnitudes
  • View details on USGS site
  • Alerts and Push notifications!
  • Download the Alerter App to be more informed!
  • Satellite Map view
  • Share to social media
  • Report if you felt it to USGS
  • Choose what you want to load

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